Screen Graphic Art - Syracuse, NY
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Our founder, C.S.”Steve” Wheeler hard at work. (circa 1954)

Screen Graphic Art began as a 1 man operation in 1946 in a small storefront operation on Syracuse’s West Side.  It continued like this until 1947 when ”Steve” C.S. Wheeler bought it and brought it to a higher level. Fresh out of the Air Force and WW2, he went back to work as a Master Machinist at Remington Rand Co., being full of energy and ambition, he decided to break out into business for himself, shortly after purchasing Screen Graphic Art, he moved to a larger location and added more staff and equipment. By 1955 he was married with 2 small boys and still felt there was room for more growth, so he purchased the current location and now had 7,000 square feet of space to work in. There were now 2 Managers, 1 Salesman and 10 full time workers. In 1957 Screen Graphic Art became Screen Graphic Art Incorporated and in 1965 added 3,000 more square feet. For many years business was great and the company was doing work not only citywide, but county, state and countrywide. Steve passed away in 1983, leaving control of the business to his youngest son Tim and to this day he and his son Tim are still producing quality work at the same location. We pride ourselves on being self-contained and using only U.S. made products and local vendors when possible. After 65 years in business, we are a 3rd generation family owned company.